Are you about to visit Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh or any place in Sinai? Then this is for you! We believe you deserve an awesome trip, so we tested the activities you can do there ourselves to make a list of the best ones to try!

  1. Windsurfing & Kite Surfing

If you’re heading out to Ras Sedr or Dahab then you’re in luck! Both towns have perfect locations for both windsurfing and kite surfing with absolutely flat crystal-clear waters and enough wind to power your gear up! If you’re new to surfing then windsurfing would feel easier to learn. The bigger board and the ability to kill the power by simply dropping the sail means you’ll find it easier to feel in control.

Kitesurfing on the other hand is more thrilling and has the extreme sports feeling to it from day one as the kite will continuously lift you up 4-6 meters before slamming you down in water! You’ll need to learn both sports with an instructor to get the basics of them and to train in a safe environment. If you’re in Dahab then contact Harry Nass for all your windsurfing and kite surfing dreams! Soul Kitesurfing Centre is a great center in Ras Sedr with some very good instructors.

  • 2. Quadbiking trips

Not feeling like going absolutely crazy? Well, you can still feel enough rush by riding your own quad bike into the valleys between mountains! Quadbiking is very easy to do, doesn’t require any courses and has a very smooth and brief learning curve yet it’s exciting! Wither you’re in Dahab, Nuiwbaa, Sharm El Sheikh or Ras Sedr, going on a quad bike trip is as easy as visiting the nearest tours office to you. It’s quite cheap as well and an average trip lasts for almost 2 hours during which you get to visit different places while enjoying riding your quad bike!

  • 3. Freediving

Freediving is one of these activities that are absolutely tried-once-hooked-forever! We already spoke about it before and it’s by far one of the best sports you can experience worldwide, not just in Egypt so if you’re in Dahab go ahead and pay Dahab Freedivers a visit for all the info and the course you need to get started! If you’re in Sharm El Sheikh we recommend Only One Apnea Center for you.

  • 4. Trekking and Exploration

You’re in the middle of a massive area of mountains, valleys, hidden water spots and secret beaches so there’s nothing better than getting your exploration engine revving! Off-grid places like Abu Galoum aren’t possible to reach by land unless you walk or ride a camel. Other protected places like Ras Mohamed have so much to explore either on land or in water. And if you’re up for a small challenge, do the trek of Mountain Moussa which is also known as Mountain Saint Catherine but that’s actually another, much harder-to-climb mountain. All these trips can also be booked from the nearest tours office for rather cheap prices!


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