Finding the right gym is a lot like finding a new restaurant. You will need to go around asking people and eventually try it out! However, finding your right gym is not an easy choice. The gym you commit to must go along with your personality, motivates you to come back and exercise on a regular basis. Unlike a restaurant, joining a gym is a large financial commitment, so it’s important to make sure it is your best choice before signing on the dotted line. Here are the top 5 gyms in Maadi.

1) Fibers:


Known to be one of the great gyms in Cairo because of their great customer care service and quality as well! Fibers will always find a way to keep you hooked somehow. Apart from their large gym arena and swimming pool, they offer spinning, aerobics and MMA classes..

Address: 1 Zahraa Maadi Street

Mob:  01012222985


2) Fight And Fitness Factory :


The fight and fitness factory is a new concept for exercise! How’s that? Well, it provides full martial arts facilities, it’s not a typical gym. With cutting edge equipment and top of the chart fighters, fitness specialists and consultants who will monitor and guide you to your optimum goals; this gym is worth trying.

Address: 2 Palestine St. New Maadi, Cairo

Mob: (010) 600 40 429


3) Transformers:


 Transformers gym is filled with a range of professional equipment, from two-kilo dumbbells to more sophisticated machinery. Most of the equipment have TV screens so you can watch a film or listen to music while you workout. Floor trainers are present at all times for assistance and guidance if faced with any difficulties or questions. You can also pamper yourself  using the Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms. Check our full review here!

Address: Street No. 104. Building 7, Maadi.

Mob: 0102 121 9000


 4) Gold’s Gym:


Gold’s gym made it on our list again, and will probably always do. The first Gold’s Gym in Egypt was established in Maadi at 1997. It was the first gym in Egypt with sophisticated design, large exercise space and a luxurious feel. So yes, Gold’s Maadi branch is worth the visit! However, since it is located in road 9, you may find a hard time parking your car!

Address: 1 El-Mahata Square, Maadi, Cairo

Tel: 2380 36 01 , 98 17

5)Vibe Gym: 


Although Vibe is not a 3 leveled gym, it surely earned its spot on our list! They will give you all the motivation you need to shed those extra pounds. With indoor and outdoor workout areas, you will have lots of fun! Despite its relatively small gym arena, it’s one of the most visited gyms in Maadi because of its cozy atmosphere and the motivation of the trainers there!

Address:Road no. 250, building no. 17, Degla, Maadi

Mob: +2012 784 999 88 / +2012 784 999 77



  1. what about Samia Allouba, I think it deserve to be on the list especially that it is one of the oldest & very well known gyms in Egypt


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