We love the sun, but as nice as summer can be, summer in Egypt this year has gotten out of control and the sun is piercing. Imagine going sunscreen less to the beach in this sun, we will turn into burning Koftas! But the prices of sunscreen has risen just like the temperature, so we did our research and based on people’s experiences and doctors’ recommendations those are the top 100% Egyptian Sunscreens.

1. Luna (72 EGP on Jumia)

Luna launched a big set of sun protection products the line includes products of different SPFs and even tanning cream and tanning oils. It bloomed on social media because the price is very affordable and you get similar effects as expensive ones.
Purchase them from https://www.jumia.com.eg/kids-daily-sunblock-50-spf-130ml-luna-mpg27408.html


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2. Eva (78 EGP on Jumia)

The Egyptian brand Eva is at its peak, they returning to the market with strong campaigns and everyone is talking about them, so of course, they came up with one of the best sunscreens this summer and just like Luna they came up with a whole line.
Purchase now from https://www.jumia.com.eg/sun-sea-sunscreen-50-spf-200ml-eva-mpg19518.html

3. Bobai (55 EGP on Jumia)

According to the reviews this is one of the best ones, it has an SPF of 80, incredibly affordable, fits all skin types and is very effective. It is available in pharmacies but why leave your house when you can have it delivered through: https://www.jumia.com.eg/bobai-sun-block-spf-80-cream-50gm-801485.html

4. Glix (108 EGP on Souq)

It is by an Egyptian manufacturer called Pharmix, Pharmix for pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products is an Egyptian company that depends on Local manufacturing for all of its product lines they describe this product as an easy to apply product because sunscreen should be applied every two hours. It is also sold at big pharmacies but is available through Souq on this link:


Have you tried any of them? Let us know your favorite in the comments.


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