Are you trying to lose weight? You must have heard about ‘trans fat’ a lot. Trans fats make food taste good, have longer shelf life, but are more hazardous to your body. They do not only make you put on extra weight, but they also significantly increase your chance of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Trans - Fats

The first step on the way to a healthier life is be to identify these foods and limit or even eliminate them all together from your diet.

When you think of trans fat, you have to think French fries. These delicious deep-fried potato sticks are usually cooked in hydrogenated oil which is high in trans fat. Don’t panic yet, you don’t have to stop eating French fries. Maybe you can stop going to fast food chains though; fry your own potatoes in some natural oil –such as odorless coconut oil- to enjoy the delicious potato sticks without endangering your health. Fried foods in general are bad for your heart as they can raise your ‘bad cholesterol’ levels putting you in danger of heart disease.

Trans - Fats

Some foods naturally contain trans fats. Beef meat beef  can be full of trans fat, and of course store bought beef products are loaded with it. Try to avoid frozen burger, beef sausages and, as well as ground beef if you need to get rid of these nasty fats.

Margarine was marketed as a healthier alternative to butter because it’s made from vegetable oil instead of dairy or animal products. But for the margarine to maintain its solid form, many brands (especially stick varieties) depend on hydrogenated oils that are high in trans fat and/or saturated fat. Ready pancakes, cakes, waffle mixes and frosting can also be full of trans fat.

It may be a bit tricky to eliminate trans fat from your diet. Make sure to check the nutritional facts on your products when you are shopping next time and be aware of what you are putting in your body. Happy healthy living!





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