We all know nothing beats that yummy, home-cooked meal! This mother’s day you have the chance to show your mum how much you care with an indulgent, lavish, home-made meal while tucking into feel-good mealtime with her. Yumamia got you covered!

Yumamia is a new food business cooked up for you by the most talented home cooks and bakers in your city. The idea is really simple; there are so many talented cooks and bakers out there with a time to spare, on the other hand there are so many of us who can’t cook for their lives – Yumamia connects the dots.. Plain and simple! I thought of my aunt, who loves making her amazing Hamam Mahshy (Stuffed Pigeons) for family and friends, and that there must be thousands of people just like her all across the city, making wonderful food behind closed doors.


The kitchens of Yumamia’s cooks and bakers are certified for hygiene and safety. The team also visits each cook personally and tries their food to ensure taste, quality and hygiene standards are met. It doesn’t end there; also the ingredients are provided by Yumamia to guarantee superior taste and quality. The website is easy to navigate; you could choose whether you are ordering for a family, an individual; or even frozen food.

For mother’s day, I browse the dessert menu and there is a selection of flower decorated cakes in different colours and flavors. If your mum, like mine, is a talented chef, why not show her a new way to get her talents discovered and earn an income, while connecting with the foodie community in your city. Here is a link to register as a cook, after all what’s better than being able to do the thing you love the most while at the comfort of your home and earn an income while at it.

It is always the human connection that counts over a meal, against a special backdrop or around music – If you haven’t tried Yumamia wholesome, nutritious menu yet, it is time to give it a go and connect with your mum over a lovingly cooked meal on her special day.

Enjoy eating and connecting.



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