You can’t always buy everything, sometimes it’s better to go outside and pamper yourself with some store bought products. I find joy in shopping and buying new items especially if I know for sure that they are natural and that they will definitely do me good. One of my favorite stores is The Body Shop.


The Body Shop has a range of organic, vegan, natural and free of animal testing products. I am not the only one who loves their products, almost everyone in our office has their favorite, so we gathered all of the top ones to create the ultimate body shop review!


The most popular range was the Tea Tree Oil range:


This range works best for oily/acne prone skin


  • Tea Tree Facial Cleanser: Swap your classic facial cleanser with this one to treat acne, reduces oiliness and shine.


  • Tea Tree BB Cream: This is the best option if you want a sheer coverage for your skin, while treating your acne, whilst covering and blurring imperfections for even, shine-free results. It is available in three shades.



  • Tea Tree Oil: This is concentrated oil and it is definitely a go to to instantly fix your acne. If you are surprised with a pimple the night before your wedding day or prom, then just apply a tiny bit of the concentrated oil over it. Sleep and you will wake up as good as new.



From the Vitamin E Range:

This range works for all skin types but works best for dry skin.


  • Vitamin E Hydrating Lotion: It is an alcohol free toner with protecting vitamin E and moisturizing wheat germ. Great for keeping your dry skin hydrated and clean!


Drops of Light Pure Resurfacing Peel Off:  


It is Rich in vitamin C, minerals and nutrient because of the red algae. The best thing about this product is that you can instantly see the effect of it. You can see the dirt peeling off your face and you can instantly see your face brighten. It is amazing for the current days where dust is everywhere!


Of course all of us agreed that their body butters, lip butters and lotions are the best out there! A tiny bit goes a very long way and it keeps you hydrated all day long.


To Sum up, the body shop is a great store that sells amazing products and respects animals and we love any place that does that!


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