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When you think of Food Delivery, what pops into your mind? We usually think of a quick fix don’t we? Something that will come to us as fast as possible yet still remain healthy and taste good.

Well, Lately, I have heard about the concept of fresh ingredients alongside their recipes, brought right to your door step! I must say I was impressed with the idea because it’s challenging the way we think of the words “Food Delivery”. I never imagined that such a service can be implemented in Egypt! YES, you read it right, fresh ingredients alongside easy step by step recipes are being delivered all over Cairo.

easy p

I loved the fact that Easy Pan offers something uniquely different than prepared fast food handed to you. They do the grocery shopping and measuring for you and let you witness “the joy of home cooking”.

Being the terrible cook that I am, usually burning the kitchen down… I decided to give Easy Pan a try!

So I was able to lay hands on two exotic recipes, pistachio salmon and turkey fillet with pumpkin puree. The packaging was extremely neat, with an ingredients manual and an instruction manual on the back. The instructions were very easy to follow with pictures that give guidance. The cook time for each recipe and where it originated was also written down, which I found very interesting. It is good to learn about what you are cooking, food is not just about gulping it in (unless you are extremely hungry).

I happily cooked both recipes, they looked stunning, more like plates from a 5 stars hotel! Guess what? The taste was not any less as well! I enjoyed Easy Pan cooking, I felt I unleashed my inner chef… that made me feel great.

Easy pan 3

Who would love Easy Pan? Anyone who enjoys cooking (or is just learning to cook), likes fresh ingredients, values convenience, and is willing to pay a small premium for it. If you’re up to the task of cooking dinner, but want to off-load the planning and shopping, or just don’t have time for it on busy weeks, you’d probably enjoy this service. I must admit it is not a service I would use everyday, it is too luxurious for everyday use, but every once in a while would be perfect. Easy Pan would also be great for gatherings or a fancy dinner, it will help you get the plates done in no time and with an awesome taste to top it off!

How does Easy Pan work?

Well all you have to do is order through their website or phone number ( 01022690029)

You select the recipes, number of servings, enter your contact details and you get the meals the next day! If you are a first time user, you get to benefit from a 25%. Discount.

Easy Pan’s ordering schemes:

1)One-Time Order: you can order up to 3 different recipes to be delivered in the same order. The maximum is 3 orders to avoid the ingredients losing their freshness!

2) Weekly package: You can order a minimum of 3 meals or add more recipes, up to you!

Cost of recipes:

Recipes’ prices range from 50 LE to 100

Delivery cost:

10 LE and if you order 3 meals or more you get FREE DELIVERY!

Payment method:

Whether you will follow the weekly package schema or the one-time order, payment is paid when receiving the order. If you follow the weekly package, you pay the full amount at once.






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