It’s a man’s world as they say and being a woman can sometimes suck. In Egypt, it is even harder and more challenging. It takes some serious survival skills to make it through every day in ” om el donia” :

1) Msh Hanefra7 Beeki?


Yalla ba2a 3ayzeen nefra7! While I have no idea why my marriage is your ONLY source of happiness, I think the reason behind the illusion of marriage being pure happiness continues to rule Egypt! We have an expiry date for our women, if she passes her 30, she is way out of date, it’s she is not marriage eligible!

2) Harassment Everywhere 


According to the UN’s women report of 2013, 99.3% of Egyptian women having been sexually harassed! It’s doesn’t matter if you’re an old lady, pregnant, veiled, crossing the street with your father or just stopping a cab; you’ll be harassed.

3) Getting our periods

Although it is biologically normal for a woman to get her monthly period, Egyptian women have to hide it like its some sort of shame; especially during Ramadan! We have to sneak into the bathroom with our bags full of food ..or pads!

4) ُEl Curfew 

Curfew! YES, an Egyptian woman has to be home early. How many of our parents ruined our late night plans because of the stupid curfew? And why? So that the neighbors don’t b*tch talk, so that the “bawab” doesn’t see you coming home this late. Breaking the curfew is never a good idea, why? Because they said so! 

5) Beauty & looks 

We want to reflect the beautiful models we see on magazine covers. It is also hard because men usually compare us to foreign women. He can have a kersh, but you… la la maftekersh! As young girls, we were always taught that what’s on the “inside counts”. Ironically, we never truly believed that since we used to hear those words while watching Disney movie  princesses singing/dancing on the screen. They are flawless! Will you ever find a Disney princess having a bad hair day? HELL NO!  While we hope our looks won’t really matter, as we get older, we find out that our appearance means a lot. It’s hard because we strive for perfection when we look in the mirror.

6) You are expected be AMINA!


While we all dream of the perfect wedding and an amazing love life, sadly, most Egyptian men can’t help but be Si El Sayed, and we are usually their Aminas. So yes, he will expect you to cook, clean, raise the kids,  and whatever you can manage to do with 2 hands and legs! You are also expected to obey. Certain questions like “When will you come home” are not to be asked by you. He can put a curfew for you, but you don’t have that right! We are in 2016, yet this rule is still alive and well, it’s sad, but true!


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