Yes, you heard it correctly, 3 (THREE) parents!! and it is a BOY!

World’s first baby born to 3 parents

New Scientist revealed yesterday that a 5 month old baby boy was born using a new technique that incorporates DNA from three people.  This technique, which is widely controversial, allows parents with rare genetic mutations to have healthy babies. The technique has been legally approved in the UK only. The baby’s parents are Jordanian nationals, who were treated by a US team. The birth took place in Mexico, where there are no laws to prohibit the technique.

Dr  Dr. John Zhang holding the baby boy

3 Parents!

The baby’s mother carries Leigh Sydrome genes, which is a fatal disorder that affects the nervous system. Why would they do this? While the mother is healthy, Leigh Syndrome was the cause of death of her two first children and 4 miscarriages. Children, who suffer from this disease rarely live more than 6 -7 years. The couple’s elder children died at 6 and 8 months old.

2 Women, 1 Man and a Baby

The Jordanian couple then sought help at a Fertility Center in New York City, USA.  the US-based team, was led by  Dr. John Zhang, a reproductive endocrinologist. Dr Zhang and his team performed a procedure called Spindle Nuclear Transfer, which  involves removing a healthy nucleus from a mother’s egg and transferring it to a donor egg with the nucleus removed. This procedure was preferred because of the couple’s culture and Islamic belief over other techniques, that involve more than one male donor.

When Dr Zhang and his team tested the baby’s mitochondria, they found that less than 1% t carry the mutation, doctors believe that 1% is too low to develop into the disease. 18% or more is believed to be present before the problem starts.

“This is the very first time at least in human reproduction that the offspring are produced with three parties – one sperm and different parts of two eggs,” Zhang told CBS. “So this is very revolutionary.”


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